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Second Reading - Bill C-14, An Act to implement certain provisions of the economic statement tabled in Parliament on November 30, 2020 and other measures

Thank you, Senator Lankin, for your remarks on Bill C-14. I will be repetitive in some areas, but I won’t be 45 minutes. I will also try to give you an idea as to what I will be looking for when the bill goes to the Finance Committee. As Senator Lankin indicated, Bill C-14 proposes to implement some of the initiatives announced in the federal government’s Fall Economic Statement, which was tabled in the House of Commons in December 2020. The bill consists of seven parts, and I will provide som…
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Second Reading - Bill C-26, Appropriation Bill No. 6, 2020-21

Thank you, Senator Smith, Senator Gagné and Senator Galvez for your comments on Bill C-26. My comments will be on a number of individual measures outlined in the Supplementary Estimates (C) document that supports Bill C-26. My first comment relates to the write-off of student loans. Similar to previous years, Employment and Social Development Canada is requesting a write-off of student loans. The write-off requested this year is $188 million. However, unlike previous years, officials from the…
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Second Reading - Bill C-27, Appropriation Bill No. 1, 2021-22

Honourable senators, Bill C-27 is the first supply bill for the new fiscal year, 2021-22. It’s referred to as the interim supply bill and it effectively provides an advance of funding laid out in the Main Estimates to allow the government to operate until the main supply bill is passed, which usually occurs in June. I’m going to start by speaking about the supply bills from last year because the supply cycle, as we know it, flows from year to year, so it is important to look at the supply bills…
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