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Second Reading, Appropriation Bill No. 3, 2019-2

Thank you, Your Honour. I have a prepared speech, but I want to pick up on some of the preliminary comments made specifically by Senators Mercer and Day. Sometimes I’m quite dismayed when people speak about the supply bill because they say, “It’s only the supply bill.” The supply bill provides money to the government so it can function. The supply bill usually provides almost 50 per cent of the funding. Without the supply bill, the government will shut down. It’s not just the supply bill, it’s a…
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Third Reading, Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2019

Honourable senators, we refer to Bill C-102 as the supply bill because it supplies money to the government so it can operate. This is the second supply bill for this fiscal year. The first supply bill was passed by the Senate on March 22 and provided money for the first three months of the fiscal year. I always refer to this first supply bill as the interim supply. On June 30, just a few days away, the first supply bill will expire, and many programs will no longer have the money they need to o…
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Third Reading, Budget Implementation Bill, 2019, No. 1

Honourable senators, I spoke at length last week on Bill C-97 at second reading. However, there is one issue which was subsequently discussed at Finance Committee and on which I would like to make some comments. That is the matter of “consultations.” Our Finance Committee is concerned about the intent of consultations conducted by the government after hearing the dissatisfaction and frustration expressed by some witnesses. It was a recurring theme heard not only at Finance Committee but also at…
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Second Reading, Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2019-20

Honourable senators, I also rise to speak to Bill C-102, An Act for granting to Her Majesty certain sums of money for the federal public administration for the year ending March 31, 2020. Bill C-102 is Parliament’s request for funds, as outlined in the 2019-20 Main Estimates. The 2019-20 Main Estimates present financial requirements of $302 billion for its 121 departments and agencies. Parliament is responsible for voting on $126 billion of this money, as indicated in Bill C-102. The remaining…
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Budget Implementation Bill C-97

Thank you very much for your speech, Senator Boehm. I’m the critic for Bill C-97. I’ll be giving you the other side of the story on some of the issues raised by Senator Boehm, including the one Senator Patterson just addressed. Honourable senators, before I speak to the specifics of Budget 2019 and Bill C-97, I would like to reflect on the four budgets of this government. As you know, one of the primary objectives of this government was to grow the middle class. In fact, Budget 2016 was titled:…
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Second Reading, Appropriation Bill No. 4, 2018-19

Thank you for those remarks, Senator Bellemare. You mentioned our exhaustive work. I’m about to report on it. I’d like to start by saying that Bill C-95 is requesting parliamentary approval of $2.5 billion for 48 federal organizations. This is the last supplementary supply for this fiscal year. It will bring the total budgetary expenditures for the year to $291 billion. I’d like to speak now about the different departments and agencies that requested money and give you an idea as to what the m…
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